Behavioral Research on Kids

We are currently working with kids between the ages of 3 and 10. Our behavioral studies with kids involve playing computer games and table games with a friendly experimenter.

One computer game examines children’s understanding of probability and risk. They are shown two characters who will give them coins. One consistently gives 4 coins; the other will sometimes give 6 and other times only 2. The children are given the chance to get as many coins as they can by picking between the characters. As they play, they accumulate tokens that they can trade in for toys at the end!

Another computer game assesses children’s ability to discriminate non-symbolic number. Children will be asked to determine which of two boxes contains more dots. They will accumulate stickers and can pick a big sticker at the end!

Our table games assess children’s understanding of number. They may be asked to show us how high they can count or to respond to flash cards. They get stickers for their answers and will get a bigger toy when they’re done.

These are some of the fun characters your child may encounter in our computer games!